Novo Development Group is a Birkla Investment Group company, founded by Tony Birkla and has more than 30 years of experience in developing urban-styled, residential, multi-family communities. Each custom development incorporates unique features that attract residents and businesses vital to the larger community. 

Novo simply means to begin in a new or different way. Novo creates real estate projects that break the mold and inspire.

Design & Development

Novo has an in-house design & development team that takes the vision of our projects and brings them to life on paper. From ideas to drawings, our architects are responsible for leading the concepts to fruition.


Novo is a full-service property management firm that focuses on leasing and management of mixed-use properties. We pride ourselves in providing superior service to our clients.


Financial management is critical to the success of any project. At Novo, we put together an investment plan with proper safeguards to ensure our plan is carried out properly throughout the duration of the project.


At Novo, our development and construction teams work together in the same office to create ideas that challenge the status quo. Novo's construction expertise allows us to concept and develop high-quality projects at Main & Main locations.